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We make every effort to grow the best organic, chemical free Christmas trees in the northeast. As a matter of principle and out of respect for the natural world we use no herbicide or pesticides, letting Nature's balance work her magic.

We grow Balsam fir, Fraser fir, white pine and a cross between Balsam and Fraser, selected to have the best characteristics of each: the scent of the balsam and the excellent needle retention of the Fraser fir. We feel that our trees are the freshest in New York City and to ensure this we cut them as late in November as we can and ship them to Brooklyn over the first three weeks of December with fresh trees arriving each week.

We will have a large supply of our own Vermont maple syrup for sale on the tree lots, including some excellently flavored Grade B in gallons and 1/2 gallons

We complement our beautiful trees with fresh made wreaths, garland, centerpieces and Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. Come and see us at our locations in Brooklyn to find everything you need to bring the holiday spirit into your home.
- Adam


It was a melancholy day in late November 2001. I opened a copy of TimeOut NY and thought I recognized a familiar face from my childhood in Vermont. The article said that Adam Parke ran a Christmas tree stand near my neighborhood in Brooklyn. It didn't seem possible 30 years later that this was the same person I had grown up with. But I needed a Christmas tree, a small, apartment -friendly, fresh-smelling evergreen and I badly needed a reminder of home not 8 weeks after 9/11. Well, Reader, it was Adam and suddenly a bleak and sad winter became a lot more manageable.

Nine years later, Adam's beautiful trees and wreaths still remind me of my Vermont childhood on a cold, snowy day as they fill my small, Brooklyn apartment with both a sublime scent and warm memories. - Lynne

"Before Thanksgiving, I was on "Wind Swept Farm", the home of AdamParketrees.com. It was the first time in 20 years I'd cut down my own Christmas Tree. Overlooking the fields full of trees gracing the hill down towards the lake, I got a true sense of what Adam Parke Trees is all about.The fact I knew my family Christmas Tree would be fresh cut from the farm, and that they were organic was beyond words. It only enhanced the overall feeling of "coming home", the awaiting of Santa coming down from the chimney and the sound of reindeers on the rooftop. I've not experienced this feeling since my childhood. Balsam Christmas Trees in Virginia are impossible to find. Not any more, I drove home with three on top of my car. Now my grandchildren will share the experience. Thanks Adam for your commitment to the environment. Thanks Bucky for showing me how to use a chain saw. Merry Christmas everyone!". - Deborah


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